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    Dear First Minister How to build Scotland from within

    Dear First Minister

    I have been thinking for a long time, mostly as an ex-pat, of how to restart or reboot communities, if you like, about taking Scotland forward and away from its political ties, and building Scotland from within.

    Why not start a building Scotland from within and take the lead with regard to being self-sufficient and not wait for the internal change to happen? Politically it is going to change that’s for sure but the internal will take longer. I look at how the Irish did it as an example, they started pulling themselves in to be very outgoing but also very secular at the same time before they had broken away.

    My idea is very simple - encourage the local farmers market to start supplying local vegetable, fruits etc to food banks in the area free of charge. With funding from the SG, local or national businesses and co-operation from local farmers and councils too to set up a SUPPLY fund – for example, 1 million pounds is raised.

    This shows a unity of the Scottish people and business that they do not want to wait and will start building Scotland from within irrespective of whats happening politically, almost in defiance in a flag waving type of way!

    The SUPPLY fund is used to encourage unemployed or small businesses or whoever to start local farming businesses.

    • SUPPLY fund payment paid direct to local farmers/people for supplying the local food banks
    • It may encourage farmers of land owners to rent land to local people to encourage them to grow their own supply for selling locally
    • The produce grown locally is supplied direct to the food banks.
    • So, the fund pays the farmers costs to supply fresh and clean and local fruit and veg etc to the food banks and local people.
    • Local growers could grow to provide other businesses
    • Local people start eating healthily again, local people start earning an income and having an interest locally.

    There is obviously huge scope for expansion for local areas as it is rolled out nationally.

    Scotland has huge resources as you know, nothing more so than the people. When Independence comes it will hurt for some and there will be division in some parts of the country and society. That is 100%. Perhaps if communities are starting to build from within in this type of manner, it might soften the blow for a lot of people when it happens.

    Reading this again it sounds like the middle ages!! but I think in an Independent Scotland there will be huge opportunity that some will grab, this gives the opportunity to those with less to grab onto the new Scotland with everyone else helping and pulling them along.

    I have been an ex-pat for around 15 years and I always said I would move back on Independence, maybe sooner. Maybe it sounds too Utopian but its just my thoughts thinking about my country and how it is changing from the outside looking in. It is such an exciting time and I guess this is just my contribution instead of doing nothing.

    Thank you very much for your time, Good Luck and it’s a great time to be Scottish and I have to thank your party for that. Seeing the door was opened and taking everyone through it.

  • the HKGE2017 and Bexit all part talks

    The Conservatives running away from all party talks after GE2017

    The Tory party have become the dividing line, almost like a guard protecting the loot and elite in the castle. Everyone else is on the other side not really wanting power but just a say in whats about to happen.

    If May was any sort of true political leader, she would welcome all party talks but in the end she would have the final say. After all, this is a huge deal affecting everyone.

    Everyone on every side has got to give some slack and meet somewhere in an agreed middle, starting with a list on everything they actually agree on for the BREXIT deal.

    Corbyn. Sturgeon and May all have to give some sort of olive branch to each other and drive BREXIT together. Politics I feel has changed and a pulling together of all parties is what everyone seems to be asking.

    Right now, I think the olive branch from Scotland should be, we will have our referendum ONLY once we know 100% what the BREXIT deal will mean. In the meantime Scotland should give its voiced support for Westminster to get the best deal. It wouldn’t make sense not to.

    Like it or not we are all in a situation where something is going to happen, the leaders are all looking at each other to see who is going to fuck it up while the others watch. It really is a shocking state of affairs when you think about it.

    Not all of us are right. Not all of us are wrong. The political parties are the extremists of politics. They appeal broadly to the foot stomping, shouting and sneering of society. The rest of us just want someone to get on with the job and not lie, just be truthful and open with what is happening. It is really plain and simple.

    The olive branch from Corbyn should be that he will back a UK Brexit plan under May but only on the condition of all party talks. Again the Tories have a majority but that’s democracy I guess. Take your chance. Corbyn should be backed by Sturgeon and offer a referendum once Brexit is known.

    May should acknowledge she is the PM but is willing to listen to all party talks in return for an agreed joint togetherness for Brexit alone.

    Ideally, the three leaders should work together, stronger negotiations, get the best deal, we could all then decide what to do. We all either stay the best of pals on the new deal, shake hands and stay together or go our separate ways with preferential trade deals with each other.

    If not we end up being branded the politics with the ASBO.

    The only ones who keep refusing are the Tories. Which begs the real question, what are they going to try to hide during BREXIT.

    I think the Tories are running scared and trying to loot to train for their donors and sponsors and lobbyists before it starts. Their greed is going to be their downfall.

  • Those nice marauding invading savages from Scotland have arrived at Westminster

    Those well mannered nice marauding invading savages from Scotland have arrived at Westminster

    The winning of a colossal 56 seats in Scotland at the 2015 UK General Election has been an amazing feat by the SNP. They relegated the major UK political parties to minor parties in Scotland with a paltry 1 seat each - albeit they are fairly (or unfairly as hindsight is showing us) big players in UK political circles certainly the the time being anyway, but the envious, jealous and biting media is having non of it.

  • What was really behind the drinking that Charles Kennedy was fond of

    What was really behind the drinking that Charles Kennedy was fond of

    Charles Kennedy the Scottish Liberal Democrat MP was fund dead today. To be honest, I don't know much about him. I knew he was a fairly high ranking UK MP from Scotland and that he was leader of the Liberal Democrats political party in the UK. Last week I had a Nostradamus moment about Charles Kennedy.