The lies and deceit of the Conservatives, Media and ruling class
The lies and deceit of the Conservatives, Media and ruling class

Has it really always been like this or are the ruling class being caught out with this naivity?

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May made a rallying call visit to Scotland recently. Her sidekick Ruth Davidson was there an introduced her. What can be seen in this video is quite frankly embarrassing for a UK political leader and a Scottish political leader.

What we can see is 25-30 placard holding people, in a grim looking warehouse.

Now this would be OK, I mean they the Tories arent exactly popular in Scotland Their brand is what can be described as toxic and has been for many decades but despite this a Tory government has presided over Scotland since 1979 - including by proxy the New Labour of 1997 who duped everyone.

What is most troubling is the medias total lack of comment and indeed compliciteness in this charade. You can seebelow how the BBC and other newsoutlets reported it

We need to be asking ourselves, how much of the news that is on the television is actually true? what has been manipulated and why?

I am very reluctant to watch UK news as there is obviously a huge agenda by someone or some people or some business. 

Now the above isnt fake, it obviously happened but the way that is has been portrayed is false and a lie. 

For anyone voting Conservative at this General Election, my question is on seeing this, do you think you are voting for a strong and stable leader? Perhaps yes as obviously she and her advisers have the nounce to cleverly call on the media to deceive. But what service does that really provide?

Why would you vote for someone who is not who they appear. Well actually I am contradicting myself I suppose, as May is appearing as she is. Dark, soulless, bought and paid for, few friends in Scotland, a deceiver, a lier and the list goes on.

What gives her the right to blantantly lie and use the media to lie for her and why are the media doing so? Would you pay a tax to your media provder if they were out and out misrepresenting the truth?