When you are unsure what to believe when you see it on TV
When you are unsure what to believe when you see it on TV

When televison was invented, people were said to be excited, scared and apprehensive at what they saw. Was it real, how did it work, and what did it mean for the people going forward.?


For the next 40 or 50 years, the population enjoyed TV. They got entertainment beamed magically direct into their living room. It became a family affair where families could sit together around the TV in the evening and enjoy something together without even leaving their home.

They could laugh, cry, be scared, be informed, see things they never would normally see. All of this through the small box in the corner of the living room.

It was amazing.

I remember we had a small portable black and white TV. Portable in that we could take it from room to room. Amazing! Watching TV in te kitchen while preparing dinner, or while we were having dinner in the dining room or kitchenette!

There were no remote controls of course, we had to stand up and walk to it and turn a dial and tune into a station and try to get a perfect picture - or at least one that was watchable. The reception we got on the TV was dependant on hte weather or if someone had stood up and walked past the antenna.

I remember our first colour TV, big it was, with 6 buttons for the channels - although we only had 3 channels but we could get an extra one which covered the otehr side of the country. It had a remote control. Four buttons. Two for channel switching and two for sound level.

Watching TV, no one would really question what we were told by the news. After all, we pad a license fee and were constantly told that the BBC or Auntie BEEB as they liked to affectionally call themselves were non biased.

It was the best news anywhere in the world. Well respected by both good and bad people alike. We believed it. We believed everything they sold us, why wouldn't we? Why should we question it? They were on out side and we trusted them. Them over there were good people, them over there were bad people. All was good and safe. We knew where we stood.

Satellite TV came along twenty years later and through a huge grenade into the world of television. More channels, more choice, more programmes, more competition. This is true even for the news. The news went on 24 hours a day, whereas before, it was every few hours - maybe 4 or 5 hours with only really important breaking newsfashes that would interupt your TV show - and then it had to be really important.

The internet has brought this even further where now bloggers and vloggers adn twitter etc etc have all but replaced the usual media outlets. 

Now we have new technology for TV where we have to wonder if we truly believe what we see on our screens. Not just lies but we are now talking about deception right in front of our faces. You can be sure that if new technology is released to the people, the military etc will have had it for quit some time.

They can now show a picture or video of someone on the screen, but manipulate the video to show them speaking by using someone else to move their mouth and facial expressions. The potential to cause harm and indeed has probably been caused, by this move forward is astounding.

If you dont believe that the gvernment or military would use it to dupe the citizens thats fine - I am called to recollect the official Osama Bin Laden death photo that was taken from a photoshop pictire when he was alive and giving a speech

This is the video, as I have to keep watching it as it astounds me what i going to happen and what has already happened by using this technology.