Fake Brussels YouTube videos prove ease of ANY disinformation
Fake Brussels YouTube videos prove ease of ANY disinformation

An amazing story today in the Guardian online about how there is a clambour to issue news stories after a major disaster or event and it is irrelevant whether or not the news item is real, or not.


It follows on from the bombiing at Brussels airport in March 2016 where some major news outlets such as CNN for example, were quick of fhte mark and issuing and showing apparent CCTV footage of the bomb blast itself.

This is all fine and well except the bomb blast they showed was inf act from another tragic event five years previously in Russia.

They also show a story in the same piece about how someone had been identified as one of the suspects and a photo released along with an ID card. again apaprently no information and certainly nophotos of the bombers have been released officially.

Putting images on the screen where no images should really exist - making the terror real where it is not real.

They report -

"The misleading videos are examples of a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common during almost every major news story featuring violent, fast-moving events. False or misleading reports spread rapidly across social media and are picked up by reputable news organisations, further obscuring an already incredibly confusing picture."

I was going to laugh in sarcasm as really the so called major news channels should be reviewing and making sure their news items are legit - otherwise for all the millions and billions they bring in and spend, they are nothing more than bottom feeders. I would argue in fact that most internet bloggers are probably more impartial than the news desks such as CNN, BBC etc.

But I feel that it is true. the misleading news and videos are a trend, mostly by the news desks themselves, it is them who have an axe to grind and them who I feel on purpose try to confuse then issue their own agenda into the world, it is them who are controlled by the governments and corporations as a way to pull the strings.

These news desks to it as either they are too stupid and act like a corporation hungry to get customers, in which case they wil never offer impartial information or they ARE deliberately making the public confused.

By being really stupid and wanting to get any old news first, the article finishes - “Now maybe there is more pressure at some organisations to get it up quick, get the clicks, get it up first ... There’s definitely a commercial pressure to have that fantastic video, have that fantastic picture, to make it more newsworthy, more shareable, and that can override the desire to be right.”

That is scary - news agencies putting any news to get any news into the lives of the viewers.

The videos are a great example, by showing the images of another blast, it will leave an imprint in the minds of a lot of the population. Wheter or not it is real, a lot of people will remember it as being real. There in lies more terror in the mind of people only.

This is the scariest. In plain sight, forcing terror where no terror should really exist.