Scottish Independence is much a much higher playing field than the political system should ever be
Scottish Independence is much a much higher playing field than the political system should ever be

Ive been in one of those sod it moods and thought if I don’t do something or try something then surey nothing will happen.

I was thinking about Scotland and Independence. Ive been thinking a lot about it. There is something really missing from the whole debate. I couldn’t put my finger on it and I am thinking that we should back the SNP as they are the vehicle to which independence will come. This has grown into my thoughts and has now carried me through to where I am now and how I see things from where I stand.

I left the UK in 2003 for a challenge and adventure in Europe, had a wonderful free, relaxing time working very hard but also playing very hard in the sun. I completely detached myself from the UK and its political scene.

I returned in August 2014 to my hometown to attend a family bereavement. I travelled with my family. Mum, Dad. my uncles wife to be and my Uncle – whos son had just passed away and who also had just been told he wouldn’t see the next two months. Sounds traumatic and it was but there was something special I saw.

After a week touring around the west of Scotland in two cars, staying at nice hotels, walking laughing drinking crying. Saying goodbye to his son, surrounded by family who were saying goodbye to him and he knew it. The goodbye hug and warmth we had an infinite warms and glow. A knowing that as we looked at each other that would be the last.

As we drove back from the north west of Scotland the sights around Scotland changed. Blue and white saltires flew in places. Windows had the Saltire with the words YES. In the back ground of my life living it up there as a rattling of Scottish Independence Beardy type. Tartan Army soldiers type thing.

Man, I was ignorant. My week long stay in Dundee had me convinced out of nowhere that we would be independent – whatever that meant. Freedom from England, freedom from London rule.

I never really understood what it was we were breaking away from and into what.

My heart pounded more and more about how any decision we made – even if it was wrong, it was our decision to make.

The General Election 2107 was a reflection I felt of our independence referendum, we saw for ourselves how the media manipulated or tried to manipulate the English voters to vote for PM May. I feel us rational Scots just shake our collective heads totally not understanding what is happening.

We see the state media before our eyes and this is a battle we will not win for a long time, if at all. The thing is the Independence bloggers are independent of the political sphere. OK, politically we support the SNP for their power on political change, but the independence movement is outwith the political stage.

The political system will not allow for Independence. Already we see it. They put a shield around the SNP from all angles. All willing to commit to the status quo, putting their force behind the political system in Scotland and its eroding at best in Scotland. In my opinion its just like mass political suicide.

The media are obviously part of the state as is very clear or at best influential connections between news and who sees what. To the point. There is a huge gap growing for a centralised point for Independence bloggers and publishers to have a focal point outwith politics. At the moment the internet is like a huge echo chamber with those making the most noise are unfortunately??? preaching to the converted.

There needs to be focal point that is outwith their own echo chamber. If the bloggers are ever mentioned in the media they are ridiculed in the main. After all why would the mainstream news favour a rival news outlet? This is where we are in a nice way those in power keep us going round in circles in internet Newspaper forums which isn’t really constructive.

Imagine the influence if the Indy bloggers took one outlet – Social Media to create a new media Scotland. But – there needs to be a bringing in of Unionists to debate in a way outwith the normal name calling, swearing, belittling. Debating directly with the opposition, answering direct questions opposite from the politicians.

Bringing the two middle ground together to debate – away from the main media and political. Independence is a totally different, bigger playground to the Unionists debate. It’s a media playground the gathering of the Independence movement can bring about.

We need to move and shape the playing field for the next battle for Independence. The Unionists want a political debate and it’s a debate we will never win.

The Unionists politicians are scared of things like Wings over Scotland, but they are playing to their own audience in the pub. A nice pub by the way.

The Wee Ginger Dug is much the same but more extreme in its views and as much as I love reading stuff from the WGD, it is extreme in that its views and wont attract the middle ground.

They are scared as they don’t understand it fully as they are detached from the actual social media accounts.

The Owen Jones type figure for Scotland and for Scottish Independence is perhaps needed - outwith the political debate. As much as the SNP is very much needed, Independence is much bigger . We need a bringing together of an Independence v a Non-Independence gathering and debate.

The new generation have all sorts of ways to access news. It’s the Independence movements chance to grasp this new generation on a new playing field away from the narrow

The Unionists will never change. The Independence movement will never change. But there is a middle ground that the main media are harvesting for their own political gain.

So can we have a bringing together and a reaching out. If we play them on our own playing field the advantage is ours.

I feel the time is now is a Scottish focussed online media channel outlets to take the lead and have those in the same position on the other side to discuss directly with each other. This would be through the new media and new political system in Scotland that both sides can have a respect for. Instead, as I keep pointing back to is they are chasing their tales and preaching.

So, can we have a bringing together of the Independence blogger to have a calm, no finger jabbing online debate/meeting/gathering with the Unionists version. I guess its riding wave and guiding our direction in history. We need to break the divide and conquer mentality of the current political and media set up.

This is my start to see if I can bring about change.