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Dear John Lenon you legend you

Dear John Lennon,

I remember having a few of your LPs when I was young Mind Games in particular I loved the cover of that. Ever since I was in double figures I remember the song WOMAN. What a beautiful, beautiful song.

Watching the Wheels is another song I remember warmly from my younger days.

Since Ive been driving to work and back every day I found myself listening to your Legend CD. On the journeys I would listen to your words and lyrics. Man so personal and full of pureness.

So I dug a bit more into your life and see what people saw back then. It took me back to the Beatles and Ive been trying to figure out what your role was in the band. Yeah it was a song writer and musician but what role did you fulfil?

I guess I was looking to your solo side as it were and seeing where that was in the Beatles. I guess Sgt Pepper was the diversion to another level musically and obviously with the rumours of Pauls death I guess I wanted to see if there was an artistic movement and there was – dramatically as it happens.

I remember the morning of your death. I was 9 years old and I heard it on the radio before going to school and I recollect the shock by mum and dad but that was it. In class, one of my classmates Robert McG put his hand up and said “Miss did you see one of the Beatles died?” and the teacher went into shock.

I felt then that you were for the adults and Paul McCartney were more mainstream and for everyone including the kids with Pipes of Peace and Frog Chorus.

Now I am an adult I listen to you and have listened to what you have had to say and watched how you were with your wife when all around were making life difficult. I watched how in a true artist way you did what you did through emotion and expression rather than looking at sales figures solely.

If you were around today would the myth of yourself be as great? How would you live in this digital age – im sure you would love expressing your opinions on those mediums.

Looking at your songs and interviews you have been a very inspiring person – Im not sure if Im just getting it as how I am living my life or Ive just been late and now see what others see.

I love how my dad tries and sings like you when your song comes on the radio or in the car.

Do you think that you could have led a revolution or been part of something and I am guessing that is why people didn’t like you and maybe even how you were shot. You were definitely a cause for the good on earth and although the world lost you, you left a huge legacy of love and peace and kindness and art and everything for the good.