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Dear UK Media, The recent so called terrorist attacks in the UK have had the media in a frenz

Dear UK Media,

The recent so called terrorist attacks in the UK have had the media in a frenzy. It is appalling that people that people have been murdered. Ordinary people. Going to a concert or going out for a meal. Spending time with friends and then chaos and bloodshed.

It is horrendous. Really horrendous. No question of that.

What has been terrible and a little disconcerning is the fact that the politicians and media are refusing to look at the bigger picture. Of course, to us in the west reading and watching this, there can never be any excuses.

I feel that for those carrying out these murders there are reasons and excuses. of that there can be no doubt. I mean what else would make a 23 year old British guy want to blow himself up? Destroying the lives of those he killed and injured, destroying the lives of his family and of course himself.

The question that should be being asked is just that. What makes a young guy want to blow himself up?

Too many politicans and media are saying that they - whoever they may be, hate the way of life the West has. They say that they despise us for our way of life. and that, is the reason they do it. What a lot of balls.

Imagine your family and friends and neighbours have been murdered. Someone going around killing them. How would you feel?

The bombs and killing that have been happening in these so called empty spaces in the Middle East where the Western governments either directly or by proxy have been killing and bombing people trying to live some sense of normality. These empty spaces or vacuums have been the breeding grounds for the anger that is manifesting. This was the same in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

We see this here in the UK or the West. I see it on my social media platforms including Facebook. People and friends being angry and sharing divisive and hate items. OK, they arent killing people but there have been attacks on the perceived enemy in the UK. Indeed the MP Jo Cox was murdered. I have no dounts that if the UK was a vacuum as mentioned exactly the same thing would be happening.

So this, in my opinion, comes back to the government or the ruling class in the UK. Their foreign policy. The day after the Manchester attacks Syria was bombed and 52 ordinary folk were murdered. This is a vicious cycle. The UK gets hit - indeed most of the time it doesnt - and then retalliation in some foreign land - more angry people with nothing to lose sign up to get revenge - another attack in the UK - more outrage and more bombs in retaliation.

One needs to only ask oneself, who benefits from this?

The band of angry men in the middle east benefit as they recruit more angry men to carry out more attacks.

The government benefit as more arms sales are conducted meaning more money - bearing in mind the UK doesnt really have any industry any more. Selling arms is a huge business and indeed the UK are now the second biggest arms dealers in the world.

What I do think is strange is that during an election with a new government looking likely - one that is against the bombing and war foreign policy - someone wants to inflame the situation. Why on earth would they think thats a good idea when they could see what happens with the election and indeed give them a bigger voice internationally? 

These guys are not stupid of that I have no doubt. Why would they put themselves backwards?

some theories I have is that Israel government play a huge deal in this along with the SAudis. These are the people that benefit with the chaos in the region.

Until this revolution starts at the election with a new government we will see exactly how this pans out. The Israelis and Saudis are not going to be too happy if Jeremy Corbyn get into number 10. Trump in the USA will also be mightily pissed off. The Tories will be pissed off as they will lose their cash cow.

Maybe the people who are pissed off are the ones who are the real enemy of the state.