stop smoking How I became a non smoker immediately
How I became a non smoker immediately

Stopping smoking hasn't changed my life I don't think. Maybe it has and I am unaware of it. I know I do some things differently  and think in a different way about something, about myself and how I live my life. Ultimitely I am glad that I quit smoking.

Beofre I start, I am not anti-smoking, people can do what they want, it is upto them, except if they are smoking in the street and I am walking behind them. That is disgusting and so selfish.

I was a selfish smoker. A private and secret smoker mostly but a selfish one I never thought what other people thought of it. I always felt they over acted if someone smoked and they were unhappy. 

If I got into an enclosed space after smoking, I never thought others would smell it - how wrong was it. IF someone gets into the elevator after smoking, it is the most rancid smell.

I never thought people could smell it from me, I thought that no one would know. How wrong was i? Now I can always tell if someone is a smoker.

I never thought people would notice I was a smoker. How wrong was I - seeing my teeth now and then when they were yellow stained teeth and the dentist commenting as soon as I openeed my mouth.

I never thought it would affect my health How wrong was I. Ican now tell the difference between having low blood pressure and how I am now. I literally can feel the difference.

I wanted to give up smoking, not for any of the above reasons as I wasn't aware of them as I said. 

I remember my first cigarette. It was a regal small brand I think. 14 years old, hanging out the window of my mums house when it was empty and before we moved it. I remember the dizzy spell after my draw and the dry boak I had but I knew I would get used to it.

All through my teens, my twenties and my thirties I smoked. I never admitted it to myself but I did smoke. I was a secret smoker as I said and really denied it even though I smoked about a packet per day.

I decided I wanted to stop. A Few times I stopped but started again. Then I put it into my mind why I really wanted to stop. I looked at otehr people smoking and thought to myself that I looked like them. It wasn't pleasant. I didn't want to be like them. I didn't want others to think I was like them.

I thought to myself, why did I want to smoke? Why was I doing it? Did it control me? Why would I want to let it control me. The first cigarette in the morning. Waking up during the night and having a cigarette. During my breaks at work having a cigarette. I saw it all as a habit that controlled me.

I read Allen Carr's book. Well it was an audio book and it was really what I was looking for. I knew exactly everything in it even before I read it and I agreed with everything even before I read it. I knew then I could stop. IT was a huge breakthrough.

I then found this hypnosis video that certainly worked for me. I listened to it the first night and in teh morning, or the night before I can't quite remember now, but I threw away my lighter and ashtray and it was then that I knew I had given up.

I knew I had to change my habits, I stopped going into the store that I usually bought my cigarettes. I changed my routine. I ate oranges I  seem to remember. 

This was in November 2013 and now I am a non-smoker. Not an ex-smoker but a non-smoker. Abstinence based non-smoker. I know I will never smoke again. I am reminded when I see red that I am a non-smoker - so I bought a red rug for my lounge so I would always know and think about it.

Anyway, thank you Gary for your wonderful hypnosis video that occassionally still listen to to feel good. I hope many other people get the chance to use it and it works for them.