Alex Salmond Short Sharp Direct Answers  Classic Interview
Alex Salmond Short Sharp Direct Answers Classic Interview

Politicians, certainly in my life time, have always been prone to answering questions without answering them. Going round the houses and saying what they want to say again without answering the questions. Some deflect the question totally. A new type of politician is arising in my country of Scotland.

I 100% think that people are fed up with politicians and their motives, and their personalities and indeed and their empty confusing promises. They lie, well they deflect the truth and go round and round the point of the story. I blame the blame culture. I blame the culture of holding people to ransom in their words. Why can't people just say things and if they get it wrong then say well sorry it was wrong. Why do they have to lie and weave around issues?

In Scotland, we are known for being quite direct when speaking. The Scottish politician Alex Salmond has a great interview during the UK General Election in May 2015 when interviewed on Channel 4.

He was asked if there was any way, shape or possibilty he would do a deal with the Tory government. To which he replied simply "No".

A follow up question was asking if he was sure and to clarify to which he replied "correct".

The second follow up was a hypothetical question if the Tories gave Scotland Full Fiscal Autonomy - i.e. gave Scotland the power of ourselves in terms of money - would he do a deal - to which he replied "they won't".

The interviewer knowing he wasn't getting anywhere said that Salmond was guessing. Salmond cooly responded with a resounding "No, I'm not"

Classic interview from Alex Salmond which I hope will go down in history. Here's the video below.