Prince Charles refusing to shake a war veterans hand
Prince Charles refusing to shake a war veterans hand

I uploaded a video recently to my youtube account entitled Prince Charles refusing to shake a war veterans hand. It is 8 seconds long and is recorded from the TV and a WW2 war veteran is getting wheeled passed the British Monarch and he holds out his hand but Prince Charles refuses and ushers him on. AS does his wife. The video was a kind of experiment in Social Media and manipulation of the news.

Of course, any eight second clip will hardly be a true reflection of actual events over say a 5 hour period but it has been quite interesting. If peoples perception of someone or something is negative the isolated clip will enrage them even further and all logic is thrown away.

I have no idea what Price Charles and his wife did during VE day marches as I didnt watch it and really I have no interest as I feel it is all manipulated to suit an agenda. History after all is written by the victorious.

I am guessing that Prince Charles spent time with some veterans but the 8 second clip should him up in a very bad light ad people jumped on this. Perhaps he did snub the old guy, the fact that it looks like him and his wife ushering the veteran on quickly in a patrionising manner does them no good at all.

This is how the media tell us their agenda. They make us feel bad or good about something and then follow it up constantly with sound bites to suit their agenda to reinforce the original idea. It is very easy to do - you only need to look at the comments on the video on youTube to see for yourself how effective this short experiment has been.

Here's the video