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Dear Kezia Dugdale what is going to be your choice this year

Dear Kezia Dugdale

I have always admired your passion in the Scottish Government. At times you have been totally off track and contradictions and plain wrong but I have never seemed like I wanted to hate or to dislike you as even in all those gaffs, you did it passionately and I believed you meant it – even in the most outlandish claims I could see you believed it.

In the Scottish Parliament the other day during the debate for the 2 child tax credit cap, you were a credit to an opposition with your stance and energy and emotion and I knew you believed it. Only this time you believed in something that affects local people, one to one, a community.

Imagine what you could do if you have something that wasn’t so away from how and what people are telling you. Labour is out in Scotland – for the moment. There is a fight and its between Nationalism in Scotland and Unionism with the Tories. Scottish Labour is not invited to this event but you have a ticket to watch from the stands.

The thing is Kezia, you have to chose which part of the stadium are you going to be sitting in.

Support the Tories? Already Labour support has dropped as those with Unionist views have thought the Tories are a better bet. We saw that in Indy Ref 1 where Labour and Tories where joined arm in arm. Those outwith Labour and Tory see your party as one in the same.

Scotland needs a strong political opposition but both pulling the same direction. Not and opposition like the Tories but more along the lines of the Labour values that has been decimated throughout the years. I have been amazed at just how little Labour have been in power in Westminster, this shocked me.

Why? Because Scotland was always run by Labour. It was where Labour was born. Scotland needs an effective Labour party. The SNP will fight against Tories but Scottish Labour and the SNP could fight together. Very different.

But only. 100% only. If Labour broke clean away from UK Labour and returned to their core values in Scotland.

So you have the choice, be brave, break away totally and return to your core support and join the Independence movement, or side with the Tories and UK Unionsim and be drowned out by them. As you know, Scotland does not make a difference politically at General Elections at Westminster. We are too different politically yet even if Labour won all seats in Scotland they still wouldn’t have formed a government.

This is why I am suggesting that you come over to Independence. This current fight isn’t about you or Labour it’s the Scottish Parliament taking on Westminster and the Tories.

You have a choice to make history and hold the SNP to account but in the Scottish Parliament where I am 100% certain Scottish Labour would be a much better and effective opposition for the people of Scotland .or disappear from Scotland and be forever on the sidelines at Westminster

You have a choice to make history and write yourself and Labour into Scotlands history for good or bad.