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Dear Ruth Davidson why on earth cant you just talk about Tory policies

Dear Ruth Davidson,

What are you? Why are you relevant? You seem to be a kind of sweeper. Sweeping up the kind of left over voters.

Why do you never, ever, talk about your Conservative parties Social and Economic policies? Why are you afraid to push them to the people of Scotland? Why don't you tell the people of Scotland why the Tories are the party they should be voting for?

Why are you so angry and afraid? Why do you demean the people of Scotland and the overwhelming trust they have put for the Scottish government. It's not just victories the SNP have won, it has been an overwhelming landslides on numerous occassions. Larger than anything in UK political history.

Why do you constantly go on about Independence? Why is it you are so afraid of that?

So many questions.

I believe the reason you go on about Independence and saying No to Indy REf 2 is that neither you nor your Tory party have anything to offer than the status quo. That is the fact.

If you beleived in your social and economical policies you would be flag waving them for all of Scotland to see. You would be waving them at the Scottish Government and parliament - but you dont. and that is to the detrement to the Scottish people - the people who put you in your position.

If you really believed you were First Minister material, you would be acting as a leader, but you dont. You act like an angry gorilla. An angry gorilla that is frustrated. Frustrated not at the SNP or Scottish Government, but angry at Scotland. Angry at the Scottish people. Angry at being Scottish. That is no way for a supposed leader to be.

Leaders dont make smokescreens. You are doing a huge disservice to the Scottish people.

Now, I appreciate that there are people, and a significant number at that, who want to remain part of the UK. If you were a leader of any sorts, you would also acknowledge that a similar large proportion do want independence. Perhaps even a lot of these people want independence as they see through the lies and deceit of what Westminster stands for.

What lies and deceit you may ask. The lies from the last independence referendum. The vow. The lies and manipulation from the media and business. You see, the YES vote know that the BBC, Media and ruling class all work together to keep the Union. Why would they do that? We all know that Scotland contributes a hell of a lot more than you tell.

It would be interesting to see all the Scottish exports being credited to Scotland rather than through the books in Westminster. This is because you and your ruling party get a slice of the pie in one way or another. You really think otherwise they would be clinging onto Scotland with their fingernails?

You will never have the trust of enough of the Scottish people to ever be a leader in Scotland or a First Minister. Your brand is toxic in Scotland as are your party policies that you never mention.

I can appreciate parties having different opinions and policies. That is what makes community strong. but not at the expense of the truth. And the truth for you has had a bypass.  

Oppose Indy Ref 2 until your hearts content but do it in a manner that is befitting a Scot and Scottish person or indeed do it in the manner of someone in public office who has a moral compass.