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Dear BBC Question Time why are you so obviously blantantly biased

Dear BBC Question Tme,

What is it with you, and the BBC in general? Are the people of the UK really so dumbed down that they can not see how you manipulate them? Can they not see just how much you are running scared of change?

It became as clear as day during the Scottish Independence REferendum of 2014 just how far the establishment or ruling class were running scared of the people. There is a huge revolution happening and I can feel how scared you all are. I can sense it. I can smell it.

Take your show for example. It is so obvious and in plain sight just how much your programme is a stitch up. How a big percentage, if not most of the audience are there as plants. Teh zero hours contract student - someone in favour of the inhumae zero hours contract. He was actually not who he said he was, was he?

The nurse having to eat at foodbanks. She was not who she said she was, was she? and she appeared on two consequtive broadcasts. How lucky and fortunate was that? She lied, didnt she?

Either she has been very fortunate or your researcher hasnt been doing their job properly and is incompetent or maybe she was a plant. Which one was it?

Nick Robinson, the anti independence BBC journalist hosting Nicola Sturgeon questions. Questions on devolved issues were given. As an experienced political journalist, surely he should know that the election is about Westminster and not devolved issues. Incompetent or someone with alterior motives?

The UKIP guy Paul Nuttal. Why on earth is this guy getting as much air time as he has? He has as many seats in Westminster as say the Socialist Party or Monster Raving Loony Party. Why are they never on the panel for your show?

You really have underestimated the new media revolution. You have no clue just how much information people can get their hands on and how easy it is to see the misinformation you spread.

The BBC is dying a death. The license fee which you so dearly want as an extra tax for the ruling class tax. A tax from everyone but mostly from the poor as it is they who feel it most. The deceitful way you scare people into paying this tax.

More and more and more people are catching on though. Non paying or non compliance in payment is now becoming the norm. You only have yourself to blame.

Goodnight BBC