What was really behind the drinking that Charles Kennedy was fond of
What was really behind the drinking that Charles Kennedy was fond of

Charles Kennedy the Scottish Liberal Democrat MP was fund dead today. To be honest, I don't know much about him. I knew he was a fairly high ranking UK MP from Scotland and that he was leader of the Liberal Democrats political party in the UK. Last week I had a Nostradamus moment about Charles Kennedy.

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend and we came to the conclusion that Charles Kennedy's time was almost up - as sad as this seems. Reading the papers today about the aftermath and the tweets from people it seems that his death was because of the SNP in Scotland. The bad old SNP are to blame for the death of Charles Kennedy. Well I think I may have another theory which over the longer term definitely could have been part of his problems over the years.

A few years ago a fat - very fat, infact terrible obese pedophile by the name of Cyril Smith was a Liberal MP in the UK. The police apparently wanted to arrest him but were warned off and much like Jimmy Savile, no one uttered a word until they were pushing up daisies and were worm food. It has been claimed that those two were from the same circles.

Of course, many people in Westminster and in the higher echelons of British politics, monarchy, security services and entertainment have been whispered as being part of various group that partake in, ahem certain morally corrupt activities. 

Charles Kenny, I have felt always looked like he had the world on his shoulders. Like there was something bothering him. Like he wanted to say something or he saw something that really affected his health. That perhaps drove him to drink. The drink perhaps was to keep his demons away.

Some high profile people over the last few years have passed away suddenly. Names such as Robin Cooke, Jill Dando, Dr David Kelly. These deaths have been linked to high profile cases of war and pedophilia. Nothing has actually been proven it has to be said.

I have no idea if Charles Kennedy knew anything about pedophile Cyril Smith. As an educated guess I would probably say that he did. I have no idea whether Charles Kennedy knew about the goings on with eh cover up of pedophilia at Westminster. but at an educated guess I think he did. As an educated guess I think he turned to drink because of what he knew.

So, for the MSM to vilify the SNP about the death of Charles Kennedy is quite ironic. I think it was the establishment who lured Mr Kennedy to his early death.

Of course I have no idea if my theory is correct, much along the same lines as the hatred towards the nationalists by ignorant twats at the moment in the MSM.

RIP Charles Kennedy.