Those nice marauding invading savages from Scotland have arrived at Westminster
Those well mannered nice marauding invading savages from Scotland have arrived at Westminster

The winning of a colossal 56 seats in Scotland at the 2015 UK General Election has been an amazing feat by the SNP. They relegated the major UK political parties to minor parties in Scotland with a paltry 1 seat each - albeit they are fairly (or unfairly as hindsight is showing us) big players in UK political circles certainly the the time being anyway, but the envious, jealous and biting media is having non of it.

It seems that democracy is democracy unless you agree with the narrative. The bile that is spewed forth from certain quarters south of the border reminds me of days of old in Scotland when 40 or 50 years ago Scottish people would spout obscenities at anything English and anything sporting for British or English in some "good natured racism".

We knew fine well that our country was being run from England and really we were a spot of acne on the forehead of the English empire - this was the way in general I remember feeling when I was young from the adults around me as I grew up. The only relief from this "oppression" was the annual Home nations football tournament in which we got our yearly gap to vent our spleen at anything English in sporting nature.

As I grew up and English sport was ploughed millions of pounds in funding (which is now billions of pounds) the gap became ever wider between the sporting nations of our country. The English it seemed to take sporting success ever so serious with the media in particular using turnip head caricatures to berate their sporting heads. The Scottish it seemed were happy and viewed it as a success to be able to get to the game in time.

I feel there is a huge difference in our outlook, how we view the world and very importantly how we view ourselves between the Scottish psyche and the English psyche these days. With the huge 10:1 population difference sporting achievements are going to be massive. our expectations though are the same but we are going about it in far different ways.

The movie Braveheart was a watershed for me. It brought me up to speed on why Scotland is where it is today. OK it is a little Hollywood heat treated but I remember coming out of the cinema with a sense of identity that wasn't all tartan and shortbread and hogmany. It was a real feeling to the extent that at the end of the movie the whole audience rose and stood as one and clapped and cheered at the final scene where the Scots rush to fight the enemy English in the battle of Bannockburn and freedom for Scotland from English rule. Even now if brings back some of the emotion of that time thinking about it. Then I left the cinema I remember the SNP where there leaflet dropping and my English friend I went to the cinema with didn't open her mouth.

I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that after Braveheart, a new generation of Scots were born.

Fast forward 20 years from the cinema showing and today Scotland has invaded the house of Parliament and English territory, sitting clear leaders by nearly 50 seats as the third part of the political system in the UK. The media have had a shock but still portray the invading Scots as the 40 or 50 year old stereotype of drinkers, fried food eaters, bearded yokels with savage manners.

The fact of the matter is Scotland no longer responds in the aggressive manner to this taunting, knowing full well the true story and feeling very comfortable in our own skin and knowing exactly who we are, what we want and how we will achieve it. They say in battle whether it be war or football, to suss out your enemy or opponent is 90% of the battle. Well it seems that the English are flayling their arms and legs, shouting obscenities and throwing verbal rotten eggs at our Scottish MP's which effectively means the Scottish people are on the receiving end. The Scots now feel that far from being the "spot on the forehead of England" the tables have now turned and England (or Westminster to be precise) is now a "boil on the arse of Scotland".

Unfortunately I can not access the UK Daily Mail here in Thailand as it is banned. (Now here is a country with a good moral compass) but when I was back in Scotland last month I was amazed at how they perceive the Scottish MPs in Westminster. The Independent with the story about the battle with Dennis Skinner and him physically retaining his seat that has been his for 50 years or so and how ironically he rebelled all those years ago to claim his seat. Then there is the freak show that his the debates in the House of Commons. How dare the Scots clap in agreement when they must shout "hear hear" in agreement or "rubbish" if they don't. (The word "pish" or "shite" do not count as "rubbish" so I am told)

Then today I saw this video clip of a Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg with his fantastic speech towards the SNP MP's and their behaviour, character and respect and a reference to the above mentioned Dennis Skinner. The compliments shocked me, Can this be true? an English Tory MP back slapping the Scottish ruffians? Why isn't this in the MSM?

Keep the mudslinging, slagging, dirty tricks for the MSM and some well known MP's. Let the Scottish MP's open the can of worms which is Westminster then there is hope after all and the longer the Scottish are in Westminster the more chance we have of them coming home with total independence for Scotland.