Who are the extremists in your country
Who are the extremists in your country

In todays Trews Russell Brand talks about new laws that are being fast tracked in from the new Tory government in the UK. These laws will be a danger to society in that if you disagree with the government and wish to display your displeasure, you may be subject to arrest. The powers that be are bringing in new laws to make it illegal to challenge government.

There have been huge joining of the dots in our society over the last 15 years. IT seems that everything is geared towards Anti Terrorism but really, the definition of Terrorism is growing ever more cloudy. In effect, it seems that anything which can be vaguely interpreted as anti government will be labelled as terrorism.

This war on terror that was brought in after 9-11 really has now officially crept into day to day living. The government and corporations etc can effectively hit you in the back of the head, run way, and when you run to catch them they will hide behind the law. This really is the beginning of the beginning against the public, against the people/

I know that a lot of people will say , well if you do nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about. But really you don't need to be doing "anything wrong". If you and some people think the government have brought in unfairness against society - for example, the bedroom tax that was well documented last year. If you think that is wrong and protest your displeasure, this will in effect show you up as a terrorist in the eyes of the government.

If one decides to question government laws will probably lead to your detention as a terrorist - as an EXTREMIST!

The actual extremism is done by the government. they are the extremists in our country. They are implementing laws under the radar to take away freedoms and your right to live your life in a way your want. Well actually what they are saying is that you can live your life the way you want and are welcome to it - BUT if you decide to question or go against your government or corporations then POTENTIALLY you can be arrested for being a terrorist. I think that is an EXTREMIST view.

Who really are the EXTREMISTS in the UK? The real problem and the real threat to 80% of the population is not terrorists from afar but they  are living in the UK NOW, they are on the TV NOW, they are in your newspapers NOW. They are the government that 37% of the population elected - a minority government that two thirds of the electorate DID NOT VOTE FOR.

Take a look more closely at what is being said over the next month or so and decide who are the extremists in your country.