The Gift - Get Lost! Stop wearing labels
The Gift - Get Lost! Stop wearing labels

Thanks to The Gift for his second freestyle video. Today he talks sense about the need to get lost and stop wearing labels to describe yourself and only then will you find yourself. THIS IS THE UGLY TRUTH! I challenge anyone to dispute this "Truth"

"EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET LOST!" (Stop wearing labels to describe yourself)

If we are wearing or associating yourself to a label or group, you need to "GET LOST!"

In order to find yourself, you will need to lose yourself (LABELS).

People ask me how do you start this journey of self discovery? I tell them first, "you need to get lost".

This is another freestyle video which explains, how easy it is to control and manipulate people and how cow's are more intelligent than humans.

If you can ignore how I look in my night clothes and concentrate on the message. I will one day professionally record the videos, but for now, here is the raw video which contains the raw truth! Love or Hate it, but it is still the Truth!

"The only thing you can put a label on, is a dead thing!"

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"!

Another Gift from the Giver, the gift to know the "Truth".

Delivered by the Gift

Provided by the Giver


(This is a very long video, take the time to consider the points and lets "have" church!)