Brave Police bully throws around a 14 year old girl dressed in a bikini
Brave Police bully throws around a 14 year old girl dressed in a bikini

Here is another video of an over zealous police bully and thug intimidating and beating on a bunch of school kids. Yes, I know,, very brave and macho but get this, he is also seen running after a group of kids with his willy in his hand - I mean his gun. Very macho.

This happened in Texas in the USA. It seems that kids are coming back or going to a pool party. Apparently there had been a fight between two women - a mother and an older girl and the police arrive to - ahem - save the day.

At the beginning of the video, the a police thug can be seen rolling like and action hero on the ground after getting his high heels or something stuck in the mud. He drops a torch - or a flashlight to the American Trewsers, so one of the young guys takes it to a police thug that is standing chatting to a group of kids.

Right on cue, major mouth the brave American police bully starts barking orders which kind of reminds me of the major in Full Metal Jacket. The kids give him respect still by calling him Sir and Officer which I guess only fuels his erection.

A young girl dressed in a bikini starts to look for someone but the big brave police bully is having none of his so pulls her arm and starts to try to throw her to the ground. She is sobbing telling the rat that she is only 14 and wants her mother. This excites major hard on even further by pushing her face into the grass, rolling her on her front and cuffing her. Her friends come back protesting at the way and the force he uses so almost to the point of orgasm, he draws his gun and runs around in circles after the children.

He then decides it is a good idea to kneel and press his full body weight into back, ribs and lungs f the 14 year old child while pushing her face into the ground.

In situations like this, the media, government and those who are in charge of the police should investigate this guy - yes for the excessive use of force and fire him - he obviously has no rationale and no self control in situations and is a danger to the public and to himself.

They should also investigate his home life - if he has a wife then the chances are she is suffering in silence through probably mental and physical abuse.