Netinyahu lies about caring for Palestine
Netinyahu lies about caring for Palestinian people

The Israeli Prime Minister has recently come on television and in a straight face, has told the world that he cares for the Palestinian people!

Well, he actually said that he cares MORE for the Palestinian people than Hamas, the nominal government in the Palestinian areas. His face did not crack once. It was a fantastic performance and one that certainly deserves some sort of accolade.

It was so good that we have Netenyahu as Mr Trolololo. What a wanker he is. Really.

This is the man who has arranged checkpoint after checkpoint after checkpoint in the West Bank. Checkpoints that keep the population poor – as let’s face it, the difficulty in getting a job or indeed holding down a job if a 30km drive takes anything between 2 hours and 8 hours, depending on how the Israeli soldiers are feeling. In addition, there is a huge Apartheid regime, if indeed segregated roads in the country are classed as apartheid.

Other apartheid measures include restriction on food and medicines being allowed into the areas, water and electricity being cut off, daily raids into the Palestinian houses by soldiers and the physical abuse that goes with it, the removal of families from their houses and onto the streets at the click of fingers.

If only half of the reports that come out of Palestine are true then it is a disgrace to humanity. A well-oiled army fighting people who use stones as weapons to vent their frustration.

Here are a couple of youtube videos I have come across, the first one is called The Generals Son and it is a speech by Miko Peled. Miko is an Israeli brought up in Israel, his father was a general in the Israeli army.

The second YouTube is by An American Israeli Anna Baltzer who has seen first-hand the apartheid regime in place in Palestine by the Israelis.