Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take more refugees – and pledges to build a fence instead
Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take more refugees – and pledges to build a fence instead

I am more convinced than ever that there are certain countries in the world - obviously first world countries - that are causing parts of the world to be unstable - the Middle East in particular and they are causing this for their own gain. The claim so would result in being shouted down as anti semetic. 

The reality is I feel that Israel, propped up by USA and UKm is causing the instability in the Middle East for their own gain. Here is what the Israeli government are doing about the refugee siutaion and their total lack of compasison, No comments are allowed in the Independent for this! The usual story.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed an urgent call from his opposition leader to "not be apathetic" in the face of desperate Syrian refugees.

The leader of the ruling right-wing Likud Party said Israel was "not indifferent" to the fates of families fleeing persecution from its northern neighbour - which it considers an enemy state - but that the country was not big enough to take them.

He has instead announced that a new 18-mile fence will be built along the frontier with Jordan, Reuters has reported.

His words were in contrast to Isaac Herzog, who is leader of opposition party the Zionist Union, created out of the Labor Party and liberal Hatnuah party at the last 2015 election to try to unseat Mr Netanyahu.

Mr Herzog said this week that Israel was duty-bound to absorb refugees from the civil war, reported the The Times of Israel.

"It is incumbent on Israel to take in refugees from the war and push for the establishment of an urgent international conference on the issue,” he was reported as saying on Channel 10 television by the Times of Israel.

“Jews cannot be apathetic when hundreds of thousands of refugees are searching for safe haven."

Mr Netanyahu's has avoided repeated international calls to open Israel's border to Syria. Half the population of its neighbour has been displaced in the last four years.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Mr Netanyahu said: “We have conscientiously treated thousands of wounded from the fighting in Syria, and we have helped them rebuild their lives.

“But Israel is a very small country, with neither demographic or geographic depth, and therefore we must control our borders.”

According to Reuters, Mr Netanyahu also said "African migrants" and "Islamist militants" must not be allowed inside the country's borders. Many of the African diaspora are also fleeing brutal dictatorships in Eritrea and Somalia.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, has pointed out that many Palestinian refugees continue to live in sub-human conditions in Syrian camps. He said they should be allowed into the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where he exercises limited self-rule.

But Israel has said the right of return for Palestinian refugees would be decided only as part of a final peace settlement. Israeli-Palestinian talks broke off in 2014.

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