refugees in Macedonia arrive at the border
Displaced people fleeing poverty and war are met by hunger and violence

This is  video I saw from the current situation with immigrants arriving at a border in Macedonia. For some reason, it has really affected me. Well it's an obious reason really, I am human and these people are obviously in fear and pain. These people are from some unknown place. Where are they running from? Why are they running?

It is plainly obvious that they have left their homes behind and most probably they have left families too. They are probably carrying their lives and took only what they could carry. What would make a human, a person, do such a thing? To leave everything behind and flee and arrive en masse.

The scene is something like out of an armageddon movie or if it was in scepia I could imagine this was WW1 or WW2, people fleeing the destruction of their towns, cities and villages. People looking to go somewhere where they have a roof over their head - literally in some cases I imagine. People looking to go to a place where they can eat and drink. The pure basics of human existence.

What to do with these people? These are people, not livestock. 

There are people on the other side of the guns - "protected" by the guns - who say the fleeing people can not come to their country. You know, I feel and think that these people are already prisoners of their own mind, a success for the media and government. The prison bars are the ones that you can not see, build by yourself. Imagine that those in power want to control peoples movements - and I am a firm believer that they do and are controlling. How to do it is near on impossible. Impossible unless you get people to build the prisons themselves and become so attached to their own area.

This is what is happening all over, there are people  who are scared to share and are scared to share with others who do not belong or who are different.

Those in power and the control are using divide and conquer to shepherd people. Divide people with religion, divide people with boundaries and make them patriotic, divide people with feeling of compassion or hate towards the refugees.

There are those who call on the rich muslim countries to take in these refugees. I know there are places like Jordan who are taking in millions of these people. but the sheer numbers must be astounding.

The bottom line for me I guess is the western governments have been causing distruption in these places that people have been fleeing. Looking for and plundering their natural resources, creating havoc and then supplying the guns and arms to let the divided countries fight each other until they are all tired or dead. They will then go in, however long it takes, and set up their own systems. It seems if a country refuses to use the dollar - as in Libya or Iraqs case then they are fair game for an invasion to "free" their people. Look at the mess that has left.