Middle East conflict Syria
Who are lighting the fires around the world

Why does it seem like a big fire is engulfing it a tthe moment. One minute the west seemed to be bombing Iraq, then George Bush said that they had a victory the next minute they are fighting the Taliban and insurgents in Iraq, then Al Qaeda then now ISIS in Syria. What is going on?

I was reading the other day about what has happened in the Middle East. A brief synopsis seems to be that Iraq was litterally flattened in retaliation for the 9-11 attacks for some reaason and also because they had nuclear weapons or WMD as it is now famously known as.

As we now know, no weapons were ever found but they hung Saddam Hussein - or maybe it was a lookalike as apparently he had numerous doubles. So who really knows. Certainly the minions watching the news do not know and unlikely that the average Joe Public will ever know.

So they delivered their freedom to Iraq, famously pulling down the statue of Saddam. American kids getting all jerked off going to war in a foreign land, their generations Vietnam only to find out after a while that it wasnt how it was portrayed.

I know from the horses mouth it was shoot first, ask no questions at all in many many situations. Any kids walking the street were a target. Awful if must have been.

Anyway Bush called it a victory and left without wiping his arse.

Pissed off youths, scurity, police in Iraq were non too happy at what they just witnessesed. They decided to put their own army together to claim Iraq back. Admittedly it was a feeble army in the large scheme of things as their was too much turmoil for them to make a difference to a place ravished by war.

The coalition said to them they would arm them and train them as they would have a special mission. To destablise another country - Syria - and take out the government there. So they were trained and armed and actually went back to Iraq but a lot more wiser and a lot more powerful. They recruited desparate people. Men with no jobs, no families but a lot of anger. They collected all the machinery, ammunition, arms etc etc that was left by the coalition in Iraq. 

They took hold of the vast oil fields and sol the natural resources. Now they have an income and are self sufficient. Now they can cause chaos.

This is where we have the modern day ISIS. A group or army that has been trained, armed and placed into a situation where they can cause damage. And damage they are causing. In effect they are making families flee or be killed, They are clearing out the land. Who's benefit is this for?

Certainly, a country like Israel will benefit greatly as they already want to dominate the region and pummel neighbouring people in Palestine. 

America decided Libya was fair game and removed Gadaffi - I have no idea what they story was - just like everyone else. My gut feeling is Gaddaffi wanted to set up his own reserve currency in Gold Dinars but American bankers didnt like the idea so removed him. - I read recently that Hitler was along the same lines too, He hated the Central Banking System and wanted to install his own.

I feel Israel want to have their own great Israel, a land taken from neighbouring countries. aided and abetted by USA, UK and parts of Europe.

Make no mistake, there is a huge plan in place at the moment and everything taking place is on the instructions of a group of people. It is no accident.

Anti Semetic ? Definitely not. I don't hate anyone and I don't trust any government. I pray for a revolution that happens in my lifetime.