bangkok drivers are terrible
Dear Bangkok pickup drivers why are you so selfish and lack common courtesy

Dear Bangkok pickup drivers,

I have been driving your roads for around 3 years now and it can be fun.

What is not fun is how you - or at least a large number of you - drive. Why on earth do you drive the way you do.

There is no common courtesy at all, at all, at all. Little things can help everyone not just on the road but in their life in general and day to day. A Little courtesy.

I appreciate that it is Thai cultre to never be confrontational and when you are driving you can hide behind your blacked out windows and say Fuck It! and do whatever you want because really you will not need to be face to face with anyone.

For example, maybe a 3 meter gap between the car in front when we are stationary, why on earth do you block this gap and prevent the flow of traffic. You drive the 3 meters to block the car trying to turn in.

Why the fuck do you make 2 lanes into three or 3 into 4? Driving up the inside to beat the queues thereby creating more blockage behind you. Of course you dont give a shit cos you dont see it and it doesnt enter your thick head.

Why the fuck do you drive far too fast and flash people to get out of your way with no intention of slowing down?

I had an idea that it is small man syndrome. You know how Thai men are well known worldwide for the lack of size in their body and of course in ther penis and therefore a big chip on their shoulder or over compensate in other areas for example, a big pickup. I dont have a big penis but I do have a big pick up. Look at me.

Have a bit of courtesy, it doesnt matter that you have a small penis, but dont overcompensate wiith your shit selfish driving. Now that is really being a wanker.