North Korea and the west living in a perpetual state of war
North Korea and the west living in a perpetual state of war

For once, the United Nations Security council is correct with their response to North Korea launching a missile the other day. I have nothing but admiration for the truth that Susan Rice, the UN Security Adviser told the world about how "reckless actions must have serious consequences".

This is how it was reported in the Guardian newspaper the other day. It reported that "The US national security adviser, Susan Rice, called on the international community to show Pyongyang that its “reckless actions must have serious consequences”.

I 100% back her stance but unfortunately it has taken more than 15 years and millions of deaths to see this. The US and its ponies have been reckless with their actions in the region for nearly two decades during this this in history. Their recklessness has had severe consequences to the people of Syria, Iraq, Afgahnistan, Libya, Yemen etc etc. the millions who have died, been made homeless, maimed injured, who live in fear.

That is severe consequences of the reckless actions of governments who have been bought by corporation who see profit in perpetual war.

The USA are fighting on TV for ratings about who is going to be the next president or next candidate. They have a democratic tyranny. A false democracy where the person with the most money to spend during the election campaign is the winner. That is how it has always been and it is a fact. The person who has the most money, wins the election, this is been the case since the democracy was bestowed upon us.

Whoever gets into the US hot seat, will be passed a mantle by the outgoing president to continue whatever they are doing. Nothing will change. Nothing.

The USA will still go after and call into question the ethics of any nation who doesnt pplay ball and use the US Dollar as a reserve currency, as Iran are threatening to do, as Iraq under Saddam wanted, as Gaddafi with Libya wanted.

I don't beleive North Korea poses any threat to anyone, perhaps except to itself. CErtainly not in terms of militarily against any western nation nor South Korea its neighbour, but until it toes the US line we will be told to live in a state of fear.

And for that price the world will continue in its perpetual state of war.